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Lance – “The Truth will set you Free”.

January 19, 2013

lance-oprah-635So the media is all buzzing from the admission from Lance that he doped, cheated and lied.  His interviews with Oprah were aired the past two nights.

Here are my thoughts:

I have followed Lance Armstrong since the mid-90s.  I seen him race pre-cancer in the ’96 Tour DuPont and ’96 Atlanta Olympics. I also enjoyed his Tour de Georgia races. I even saw him get beat on Brasstown Bald.  I have read all his books and follow him on Twitter.  The past two nights I watched the Oprah interviews.

Lance Armstrong was the great American story even before his cancer in ’96-97.  Basically raised by his mother with difficult financial struggles, he was successful with triathlons and bike racing.  He was on his way to be one of America’s great cyclists.  Then cancer. His near-death cancer sickness devastated many.

He overcome cancer and was leaner and meaner.  Not only was he able to defeat cancer, he could ride and compete at a professional level.  Simply unbelievable.

I remember one of his first public conferences at the Tour de France when he was accused of doping.  His response was too careful, he said “I never have tested positive”. He never said he didn’t dope, he said he didn’t test positive.  I had my doubts about his doping since then.  Yes hind-sight is 20/20, however I always thought he may be doping.  The truth was he still was had an amazing come-back story (doping or not). To be able to compete at that level post cancer.

The establishment of the Livestrong charity, and his come-back story were an inspiration to millions of cancer victims, families, Americans and cyclists.  Over $500M was raised for charity.

In recent years other cyclists have started to come clean about their doping from the late-90’s through the 2000’s.  Lance always denied such wrong-doing. I was pissed that there was a Federal investigation into his Tour racing.  Why are we spending Federal tax dollars on this? There can be no good from this digging.  Let the great come-back story and Lance (the American hero) alone.  Even if he cheated, he did a whole hell lot of good for a lot of people.  He did a lot more good than harm.

So now the media has more news, a hero knocked down from his pedestal.  What good is there with this?

Well we finally know some of the truth.  The truth is ugly.  The fighter, the American hero, the great Lance cheated to achieve greatness.  Does this make him less of a hero?  I think you can only answer that yourself, do not let the media answer it for you.

Lance did harm the cycling community by tarnishing it’s doping image.  He was a leader and others followed his doping.

I think Lance only decided to admit to his doping, cheating and lying when he had no other choice.

My final thoughts: Lance is one hell of a fighter and nobody can take that away from him.  It is disappointing the damage that will further occur on the cycling community.  It is discouraging to the many that have lost a hero.  The great memories of watching Lance in person and on tv are still there.  The memories will be tarnished, however still powerful and amazing.  He will rise from this.  Next stage…….


Party of Five

July 31, 2010

Here is an inspirational story of a family of five touring from Kentucky to Alaska.

Closed to cars for one week

July 7, 2010

Great article from WSJ on a ride where the roads are closed to motorists for a week.

Lance: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion

June 19, 2010

I just finished reading ‘Lance: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion’ by John Wilcockson. It is a great refresher of Lance’s Tour de France challenges and why he is so successful. I admire the positive impacts he has with the cycling community, his endless energy, and the Livestrong Foundation. John Wilcockson has written a excellent book with endless sources.

Race of Truth – 114 years old today

October 5, 2009

From Wired Mag.

List of car-free places

August 7, 2009

Thanks to Carlton Reid @carltonreid for the following link.


July 10, 2009

Enjoying my morning cup of Joe and a driver with his priorities straight pulls in. An average economy Saturn with a Merlin Ti road bike on top. Who else has a bike that costs more than their car? Good for you.

Bike of the Future?

September 17, 2008

So a colleague from Italy shared this photo.

This is some interesting engineering removing the standard chain drivetrain and allowing a direct connection to the wheel.  One engineering hurdle is the strength of the wheels without spokes.  Anyone seen anything similar?

World champion of bicycle thieves

August 22, 2008



As a former victim of bike theft, it is nice to hear that this scum-bag is detained.  


From the NY Times. 


In a Cyclist-Friendly City, a Black Hole for Bikes

TORONTO — What exactly was he planning to do with 2,865 bicycles?

Toronto Police, via National Post

The police are baffled by what Igor Kenk planned to do with such a surplus of bikes.

That is just one of many questions the police and others have been puzzling over since the arrest last month of Igor Kenk, the owner of a used-bike shop here.

Mr. Kenk’s legacy now fills a former police garage with a leaky roof. Organized by brand name and mostly resting on their handlebars, wheels pointed upward, are 2,396 of the bicycles that police say Mr. Kenk either stole or arranged to have stolen.

The jumbled collection of bicycles suggests that Mr. Kenk is the unofficial world champion of bicycle thieves. But as he awaits trial next month on 58 charges related to theft and drug possession, the biggest mysteries of all are Mr. Kenk’s motives and his ultimate plan for the armada of steel, rubber and aluminum he amassed.

“He’s easily the most hated man in Toronto,” said Alex Jansen, a filmmaker who has been working on a documentary about Mr. Kenk for more than a year as part of a study of his rundown neighborhood’s transition to hipsterdom. “But I just found that it’s not as black and white as I originally thought.”


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Vanilla Bicycles: A Story About Sacha White

December 30, 2007
Below is a link to a 10 minute movie about the Portland frame-builder Sacha White and his story with Vanilla bicycles.  


Bicycle Sundays in Mexico City.

August 12, 2007


The Mayor of Mexico City has instituted an idea to make his community more livable. On every Sunday, the main avenues are closed to motorists and open to pedistrians and cyclists.
Now before you think this idea is over the top, consider the last time you were at an outdoor lifestyle shopping mall. No cars, no noice, a little sense of community. Durham, NC has ‘The Streets of Southpoint’ and ‘American Tobacco’ both are open-air markets with restaurants and no problems associated with vehicles. Kids can run around, adults get alittle exercise and some fresh air.
I hope the success in Mexico City gains momentum and large US cities consider this alternative. My family would welcome this move.

Read the story.

Great Thread about Drugs and Blood Doping

August 2, 2007

Here is a great thread on first hand experiences.

Click here for thread. 

Basso leaving Discovery

April 30, 2007

Ivan Basso announced earlier today, he is leaving Discovery Team. Apparently the re-opening of an investigation by Italian authorities has Basso concerned.

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Who you ride with, not where or what you ride.

April 25, 2007

New River turnaround point.
Sometimes the key ingredients for a perfect ride are made up of who you ride with verses where or what you ride.

Boone, NC was always this magical riding place I have never been.  Magical because of this is where Lance Armstrong decided to ride again after cancer.  Magical because it is Western North Carolina.  Magical because however many times I have been in W. NC, I was always 3 hours away and I never did travel the squirrel path to Boone.  This all changed several weeks ago when my high school friends/groomsman/groomswoman and their family had vacation planned here.  Opportunity was ringing the bike bell “BRRINNG, BRRINNG”. In the back of my mind, I was expecting a major epic ride (No wives, no kids). 

Sometimes it is best to change plans.  Due to a limited schedule, we decided to take both families.  We looked at the local cycling guide from Boone Bike & Touring Shop (very helpful, thank you), and found a railroad grade road.  Considering the loads and my friends being from Florida (had to dig on you Ray) this made everyone happy. 

We chose a route that started at Todd General Store, 3866 Todd Railroad Grade Rd, Todd, NC 28684.  The route was a simple out and back with no turns or directions to worry about.  20 miles round-trip, and yes it was completely flat.  It followed the New River. 

Both Ray and I towed a kid trailer, Melissa had a child carrier on back and Kelly had a bun in the oven.  Ray and I were able to catch up on old times, while the Shelia’s did the same.  The trailered children laughed and chatted to each other the whole morning.  At our turn around point we stopped to let the children play at the river’s bank.  To top off a great day, we ate at the General Store. 

So yes, I finally had a magical ride near Boone, NC because of the folks I rode with. 

Discovery Channel suspends Basso

April 24, 2007

The Discovery Channel team suspended Italian Ivan Basso from racing on Tuesday after the Italian Olympic Committee’s anti-doping office reopened an investigation into the 2006 Giro d’Italia winner. “Team management…has requested that Italian rider Ivan Basso not compete pending further information in a new investigation coming out of Italy,” the team said in a statement.

See Link.