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Party of Five

July 31, 2010

Here is an inspirational story of a family of five touring from Kentucky to Alaska.


Closed to cars for one week

July 7, 2010

Great article from WSJ on a ride where the roads are closed to motorists for a week.


July 7, 2010

Just when you think you have seen it all…….

Finally, Great Coffee in Citrus County, FL

July 6, 2010

Annually, I travel several times to Citrus Co, FL to visit family. These trips always required packing my own coffee grinder & beans due to the lack of any coffee culture anywhere close. During my trip this week, having little hope, I searched the net for a coffee escape. I came across the website, Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters. Reviews looked promising. I asked around and heard ‘they were always very busy’.
So this morning I stopped in, and was welcomed by James & a buffet of coffee beans from around the globe. Keep the theme of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ from reading ‘Delivering Happiness’ from, I purchased coffee for dad, myself & his hospital roommate. Karma was returned when James allowed one final purchase to be ‘on the house’. Great coffee, yes; nice atmosphere, check; customer service; excellent.
Buying coffee from a roaster is the same experience as buying bread from a baker, the freshness & quality are superior to anybody else.
I will be a regular customer when I am in town. I hope Citrus County recognizes & patronizes this great coffee experience.