Riding your favorite trail w/ a newbie

There is something magical about riding at Tsali..maybe the speeds, the riding companions, or the many memories (snow covered epic rides or nearly loosing my best riding bud Woody to heat exhaustion). Whatever it is, the riding is always special.
This past weekend, my bro-in-law (Sean) would be joining me. Sean likes to skydive, however has the biking skills of a wounded chicken.
I wanted Sean to experience Tsali, so we headed for the Thompson loop. We took it easy so he could get his legs under him. He kept falling over on the straight, easy sections and mastering the semi-technical challenges.
Part of me was frustrated with the crawling speed, however I thought about it, and realized it was about Sean’s ride, not mine. I slowed my pace and tried to make Tsali the best it could be.
At the end of the ride, several of us were waiting to take Sean’s photo of his fast descent. Instead, we saw him fly over his handlebars and distrube a sleeping tree. Poor newbie.
Aftetword, Sean concluded the descents he loved, the climbing he hated.
Sean maybe you should stick to skydiving.


One Response to “Riding your favorite trail w/ a newbie”

  1. kelly Says:

    You are so sweet to ride with my brother. But I think you might be right, Sean should stick to skydiving. Too bad it isn’t as cheap as mtn. biking.

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