Student gets probation in cyclist’s death in lieu of prison

RALEIGH – An N.C. State University student who ran down and killed a bicyclist was sentenced to three years probation today, after the cyclist’s widower urged the judge not to send him to prison.In addition to probation, Wake Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens sentenced Brian Anthony Reid to 400 hours of community service, including 100 appearances in front of high school students to talk about drunk driving, and five weekends in jail. While on probation he can’t drive or drink alcohol.

Reid pleaded guilty to felony death by a vehicle and driving while impaired.

He killed Nancy Leidy, 60, who was riding on Nazareth Street, off Western Boulevard near NCSU.

Leidy’s husband, Ross, told Wake Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens that he would rather Reid do community service.

“To be honest with you, part of me wants this kid to go to jail,” Leidy said. “But your honor, I don’t know what that would do.”

Police said Reid’s breath alcohol content ranged from 0.09 to 0.13 in the hours after his pickup truck struck Leidy. A level of 0.08 is considered impaired.

Reid turned 21 on the day of the accident. He had been drinking the night before, attended class at N.C. State that morning, and caused the accident after his class was over, his lawyer Rusty Dement said.


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