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Bike Part Vending Machines

July 15, 2008

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In Madison, Wisconsin Trek has a vending machine that sells bike parts…tubes, patches, chain lube, energy bars.  What a great idea.

I carry the necessary tools and parts for minor repairs and they are heavy and usually unnecessary.  My morning commute is too early for bike shop hours and my routes are no-where near their locations.  These vending machines should be populated near high volume commuter routes.

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Improving Bicycle Commuting

July 15, 2008

Recently, I have moved to a new office building.  My favorite amenities include a storage closet and showers.  I have commuted for over 10 years and never had a shower at my place of employment.  I would usually arrive really early and wash down with a hand sink and baby wipes.  This was the bare minimum to keep up with personal hygiene.  I used to think a shower was a luxury, now I consider it a must.

Below is an article on Urban Bike Stations.  They pick-up the slack for poor urban designed office buildings.

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Priority – Bikes then Cars

July 15, 2008

Portland continues to improve the roads for cyclists. Their latest feat of street engineering is called the “Bike Box”. See the link below for the video.