The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland



11 Responses to “The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland”

  1. Miyata Says:


  2. Clara Says:

    Amazing!!!! But also really frightening!!!!! :S

  3. Susan Says:

    You guys are crazy!

    But it’s an amazing picture!

  4. Charles Darwin Says:

    Perfect example of how the weaker and less intelligent species are eliminated from the human gene pool.

  5. Desmond Magubane Says:

    Meeting death halfway is really trying God’s patience

  6. rohan Says:

    Its really scary. I don’t understand how people mange to do these types of thing. Width of road is so less i have seen this place in travel & living too nice 1

  7. Iñaki Says:

    Do they wear parachutes? 🙂

  8. Ireland Hotels Says:

    Can u give us some more details about this place. One can feel on the top of World isn’t it

  9. rockymtngirlco Says:

    thanks for the refer!

  10. 50 Unforgettable Natural Wonders | Says:

    […] is composed of basalt “stepping stones” that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The Cliffs of Moher are another Irish […]

  11. Aran Islands Information Says:

    You’re mad. Great shot.

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