I love the matra “Simplify until it breaks”.  Some examples include the Google search box, Apple products, Safety razors and fixed-gear bikes.  The products are so well designed no instructions are necessary.

The Google search box is the best and most used search engine due to it’s simple design.

Apple Co-founder, Steve Wozniak incorporated this matra into the first home computers.  Apple users love the simple and elegant design.  I bought an iPhone and haven’t read any user’s manual, yet I can use every function.  Extremely intuitive.

I was tired of the “how many blades and how expensive can we make these” marketing blitz with razors.  Applying the simplify until it breaks matra, I ended up with a “The Art of Shaving” safety razor (one blade) from Germany.  The razor provides the best shave I have ever had.

I set up my Lemond Fillmore fixed-gear bike for commuting. The only maintenance is chain lube and tire pressure.

One could only hope more companies adopt this practical philosophy.


One Response to “Simplify”

  1. Jack Says:

    So, how have you found shaving with a safety razor? I see this post is from July 07, are you still doing it? Was the transition to a traditional safety razor difficult?

    Take care,

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