My Favorite New Bike Shop.

Black Sheep Cycles in Charlotte, NC.

With 200 miles separating this Fixed-Gear heaven from my home, I had to wait….and I hate waiting.  After four months, and the alignment of their shop hours and my traveling plans through Charlotte I was able to ‘kick some tires’.

First thing you notice is the outdoor fenced dog park.  Woody started pissing all over the lot with excitement.

Next thing I noticed were two Vanilla bicycles on the sales-floor.  Okay…..yes I drooled.  Matt assisted and said they were the owner’s and not for sale.  That was good news, I didn’t need to take out a mortgage for another bike.

Matt then proceed to show me around the sales floor.  This place was more like a museum of bikes that you dream about, ANT’s, Desalvo’s, Vanilla’s and limited edition Campy track gear.

Our son Benjamin, quickly grabbed a train car with the Thomas the Tank railroad for children.

Upon walking to the front of the shop, bottom lip still dragging the ground, I find the lounge area with sofas and one dog per sofa.  God I love this place.

The other unique feature was the shower & lockers in the restroom for commuters use.  If I were to own or work in a shop this would be the blue-print of design.

Every bicycle in the shop was unique.  Most of them being fixed-gear or single-speed or commuter based.

I bought a cool T-shirt and they threw some swag my way.

My Favorite New Bike Shop.


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