Who you ride with, not where or what you ride.

New River turnaround point.
Sometimes the key ingredients for a perfect ride are made up of who you ride with verses where or what you ride.

Boone, NC was always this magical riding place I have never been.  Magical because of this is where Lance Armstrong decided to ride again after cancer.  Magical because it is Western North Carolina.  Magical because however many times I have been in W. NC, I was always 3 hours away and I never did travel the squirrel path to Boone.  This all changed several weeks ago when my high school friends/groomsman/groomswoman and their family had vacation planned here.  Opportunity was ringing the bike bell “BRRINNG, BRRINNG”. In the back of my mind, I was expecting a major epic ride (No wives, no kids). 

Sometimes it is best to change plans.  Due to a limited schedule, we decided to take both families.  We looked at the local cycling guide from Boone Bike & Touring Shop (very helpful, thank you), and found a railroad grade road.  Considering the loads and my friends being from Florida (had to dig on you Ray) this made everyone happy. 

We chose a route that started at Todd General Store, 3866 Todd Railroad Grade Rd, Todd, NC 28684.  The route was a simple out and back with no turns or directions to worry about.  20 miles round-trip, and yes it was completely flat.  It followed the New River. 

Both Ray and I towed a kid trailer, Melissa had a child carrier on back and Kelly had a bun in the oven.  Ray and I were able to catch up on old times, while the Shelia’s did the same.  The trailered children laughed and chatted to each other the whole morning.  At our turn around point we stopped to let the children play at the river’s bank.  To top off a great day, we ate at the General Store. 

So yes, I finally had a magical ride near Boone, NC because of the folks I rode with. 


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