Where do you get your coffee beans?

As with most things in life, the harder you work for something, the more enjoyable it is.   I have this very dilemma with the search for coffee beans.

I have tried various grocery stores for their bean selections and have not been satisfied at most with the flavors.  I think I pick a descent bean (Organic, Fair-Trade variety), and the flavor isn’t acceptable.  I could buy from one of the those franchise coffee shops, however, something artificial is occurring there…..no passion.

20 miles from our home is Southern Season gourmet market.  They have a coffee bean bar.  If there were a heaven for a coffee connoisseur this would be it.   They  have beans from local growers,  local favorite restaurants, and all over the international bean market (Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pacific Rim and elsewhere).

So back to my dilemma.  Southern Season is no-where near my commute path… a special trip usually by a gas-sucking vehicle is required to find a good bean.

So where are you getting your good coffee beans?


4 Responses to “Where do you get your coffee beans?”

  1. sharpglass Says:

    If you are truly a diehard when it comes to coffee, you’ll start roasting your own. I got a roaster for Christmas a few years back, and I’ve never looked back. Sure, I’ll buy Starbucks or the like when I run out of home roasted, but it always reminds me what a huge difference there is between fresh roasted and everything else. A roaster can be had for around $100, or you can even use an old air popcorn popper. I order my green coffee beans from Dean’s Beans, and they are all organic, fair trade, and cheap! About $4/lb. Sweet Maria’s has a larger selection, but I prefer Deans. If you drink as much coffee as I do, you’ll pay for your roaster with what you save on coffee. You can make your own blends, control the level of roast….it’s fun, and the coffee is amazing!!

  2. 65Trader Says:

    There is a guy in my town who owns a coffee shop. He roasts the beans in a warehouse across town and sells them – cant get any fresher than that! Find a roaster in your town, and you’ll find the ultimate coffee.

  3. Jack Says:

    Google pointed me to your site when I searched for “safety razor durham, nc.” Amazing, because I am an avid bike commuter and home coffee roaster. Do we know each other? Should we?

    I second the comments on roasting your own, you can’t beat it. That said, in Raleigh, Larry’s Beans does a *really* nice job roasting. Buying from them means fresh roasts, support for a local business, and supporting sustainable coffee farming. larrysbeans.com

    Now to comment on your razor post…

  4. 17-games.com/profile/dir.. Says:

    Fad diets have proven to be disastrous for many dieters.
    If you are the same as me and you love coffee infused cake but struggle to create
    coffee cake recipes easy, you realise how important
    it is to get it right on the money, as even the smallest fraction of
    inconsistencies in flavour or texture can destroy the coffee cake.

    It’s also more likely than conventionally grown coffee to be
    Fair Trade. One such supplement that has been rising in popularity is pure green coffee bean extract.

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