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North American Hand Made Bicycle Show

March 9, 2007

Bilenky Townie Bike

Have you seen the talent from the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show? I can only drool on my screen, I did not attend.

My favorites include the Bilenky townie bike, DeSalvo, Old Man Mountain, Retrotec and Rock Lobster.

I used to sell bikes many years ago, and the average buyer wanted something to tool around the neighborhood with. Yeah, their is a need for mtn. bikes and roadies, however a lot of people are really looking for just a bike….Something simple, practical and fun. The modern bicycle industry doesn’t provide such a bike.

Now look at these specialty frame builders representing the NAHMB show. Simple….yes, practical….yes, fun….heck yeah. I love the trend towards utilitarian. Once a person finds that perfect ‘bike’ and tries to run an errand or two they will be elected into the better bike lifestyle.

Thank you independent frame builders.


Where do you get your coffee beans?

March 9, 2007

As with most things in life, the harder you work for something, the more enjoyable it is.   I have this very dilemma with the search for coffee beans.

I have tried various grocery stores for their bean selections and have not been satisfied at most with the flavors.  I think I pick a descent bean (Organic, Fair-Trade variety), and the flavor isn’t acceptable.  I could buy from one of the those franchise coffee shops, however, something artificial is occurring there… passion.

20 miles from our home is Southern Season gourmet market.  They have a coffee bean bar.  If there were a heaven for a coffee connoisseur this would be it.   They  have beans from local growers,  local favorite restaurants, and all over the international bean market (Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pacific Rim and elsewhere).

So back to my dilemma.  Southern Season is no-where near my commute path… a special trip usually by a gas-sucking vehicle is required to find a good bean.

So where are you getting your good coffee beans?